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Match Report compiled by Shaun Joslin.

1’ Lyne kick off and get the final underway. A couple of quick passes and the ball is played through to Jordan. He drifts past the defender, into the box and calmly slots the ball past the approaching keeper. Only 20 seconds on the clock and Lyne take the lead without a Holland player touching the ball.

4’ Lyne win the ball in midfield and attack again. No 8 has a shot blocked with the ball rebounding to him for a second shot that is close but flies over the bar.

7’ Holland get more physical and try to wrestle their way back into the game. A long free from the halfway line is headed out for a corner to Holland. As the ball comes over the Lyne keeper is fouled.

12’ Fillipe concedes a free kick for a late tackle. A long ball from Holland headed inside the Lyne box but misses high and wide to the left hand post.

16’ Lyne continue to play the better football although the game has become a little scrappy. Lyne 2 and 4 are dealing confidently with a succession of long balls from Holland Sports.

21’ Long range effort from Holland Sports from outside the box is well wide to the left and ends up in the Lyne supporters stand and is welcomed by a sarcastic cheer.

22’ A nice exchange of passes on the left hand side puts Lyne in a good position. Jordan has the ball but doesn’t release in time and Holland eliminate the danger.

24’ Bad foul committed by No 3 on the Lyne No 14 earns Lyne a free in a promising position. Free kick doesn’t clear the first defender and the ball is cleared.

26’ A good chance for Lyne as No 14 plays a good ball to No 8 who slides a ball through for Jordan to run onto. The keeper is out quickly and just beats Jordan to it and clears the danger.

28’ Lyne on the attack again as they begin to dominate the game. No 14 plays a good ball to 16 and his cross finds Jordan who hits a powerful shot on target although the keeper saves well to his left.

30’ A through ball is chased down by Jordan who beats the keeper to it. The ball hits the keeper who then collides with Jordan and takes him out. A good shout for a penalty that the referee waves away and awards Lyne a corner.

32’ No 11 goes on a great run and wins a corner for Lyne. The corner is met well by No 3 and his header is close but flies over the bar.

33’ Jordan wins a free kick after a poor foul by the Holland Sports No 5. The referee has a word with No 5 who isn’t quite the match for the stronger, faster Lyne striker.

34’ Lyne attack and a good cross is wasted after Jordan can’t quite control the ball.

39’ A ball over the top from Lyne and Jordan is on to it running between two Holland defenders. Jordan is winning the race and as they head into the box No 3 has little choice but to pull him down as he was about to shoot. The crowd roar for a penalty and the referee obliges and also shows No 3 the yellow card. Could easily have been a red card as he was the last defender and a clear goal scoring opportunity! Even the travelling supporters thought the referee was reaching for a red. Up steps Captain Fillipe and despatches the penalty low to the keepers left, sending the keeper the wrong way, for Lyne 2 Holland 0.

42’ Jordan is through again although this time a good tackle on the edge of the box clears the danger.

43’ Jordan chases down another through ball and wins a corner. The corner isn’t great and another dead ball situation is wasted.

44’ In a rare Holland opportunity the Lyne keeper demonstrates he is alert and is out quickly to save at the feet of the approaching attacker and concedes a corner. The corner comes over and No 8 slices his clearance right into the arms of the Lyne keeper. You could argue it was Hollands only effort on target of the first half!

45’ A long goal kick clears the last defender and Jordan is off again. With the defender all over him it could have been another good shout for a penalty but he still manages to get his shot away and it strikes the post and rebounds to safety.


Half-time Lyne 2 Holland Sports 0



Attempts: 6

On Target: 3

Goals: 2

Corners: 3

Yellow cards: 0

Red cards: 0


Holland Sports

Attempts: 2

On Target: 0

Goals: 0

Corners: 2

Yellow cards: 1

Red cards: 0


49’ A good interception from Fillipe and the ball falls to No 8. His cross is good although a little too deep and is picked up by No 14. He beats the defender and exchanges passes with No 16 who is caught off-side.

50’ A long range shot from Holland is wide and misses to the left.

51’ Holland break and Lyne No 3 concedes a free kick in a dangerous position. A poor cross and the danger is cleared.

54’ Holland No 7 commits a bad foul and is shown a yellow card.

60’ Lyne No 12 comes on to replace No 5 who picked up an injury a few minutes previously

63’ Lyne continue to look comfortable with No 8 and Fillipe controlling the midfield and No 2 and No 4 absolutely solid at the back.

69’ Fillipe concedes a free-kick on the right hand edge of the penalty area. The referee shows the yellow card and Fillipe is injured in the process.

71’ Lyne No 8 drifts past two defenders and shoots from the edge of the box wide to the right of the goal.

74’ Lyne win a corner. The Holland keeper flaps at the ball and misses with No 9 heading the ball towards goal. It floats over a defender but is headed off the line by another and cleared.

76’ A bad foul on Lyne No 16 earns Holland another yellow card.

77’ More substitutions as Holland look to make a final push and Lyne bring on fresh legs.

78’ Lyne win the ball in the middle and Fillipe plays a good ball off the outside of the boot to put No 9 in a good position.

81’ Dangerous cross from Lyne but no one can connect.

86’ A few strong tackles fly in and Lyne No 5 flicks his boot at the Holland player. The referee blows for a free kick and calls No 15 over for a chat. The referee pulls out a straight red and off goes No 15 for a slightly early bath. With 4 minutes to go plus plenty of injury time it sets the match up for an interesting finale.

89’ Holland showing a sense of urgency although Lyne looking relatively comfortable.

90+2’ A good shot from just outside the penalty box by Holland. It’s the first shot on target from Holland all night and the Lyne keeper can’t hold it. It gets through his hands and heads towards goal. Displaying excellent reactions and agility he manages to dive backwards and punch the ball off the line. A few Holland players claim goal although only half-hearted as the ball clearly hadn’t gone over the line.

90+3’ Lyne on the counter attack as Holland press forward. Jordan is away down the right hand wing and fires the ball across the box but no one is there to convert the chance.

90+5‘ The ball is cleared from the Lyne defence and Jordan lets the ball bounce over the last defender. He’s on it like a flash and away with just the keeper to beat. As the keeper approaches Jordan picks his spot and the ball flies in off the right hand post for 3 – 0 to wrap the match up.

90+6’ There is just time for Holland to have one last effort with a long range shot that is high and wide to the right.

90+6 ‘ The referee signals the end of the match


Full-time Lyne 3 Holland Sports 0



Attempts: 5

On Target: 2

Goals: 1

Corners: 1

Yellow cards: 1

Red cards: 1


Holland Sports

Attempts: 3

On Target: 1

Goals: 0

Corners: 0

Yellow cards: 2

Red cards: 0


Jordan is named man of the match and easy to see why. He terrorised the Holland defence with his pace and strength. A constant threat up front for Lyne and he scored two goals and earnt the penalty.

Fillipe was fantastic in midfield and played a true Captains role. He controlled midfield, was all over the pitch, strong in the tackle and skilful in his distribution of the ball. The defence was solid, the central pairing in particular, and never looked like conceding all night long. Strong performances all over the park and a well-deserved victory at the first attempt.

Congratulations to all and to Nigel….


Overall match stats:



Attempts: 11

On Target: 5

Goals: 3

Corners: 4

Yellow cards: 1

Red cards: 1


Holland Sports

Attempts: 5

On Target: 1

Goals: 0

Corners: 2

Yellow cards: 3

Red cards: 0


Many Thanks to Shaun Joslin for this excellent match report!!!

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