Powercor Club and Mens Team Sponsor

For all year 7s (Under 12s)

Are you in a club currently and not happy?
Are you thinking “not sure where I want to play football next season”
Have you made new friends in your new school who play for LyneFC and want to try and join their team/club?
Do you know someone in Year 7 (Under 12s) and think the above applies to them?
You are not in a team but have football skills and want to try out?

Then come and have a trial at LyneFC.

The Under 12s have 2 Teams currently, Puma’s and Lynx.
Pumas play in SYL and currently have only lost 1 game this season, still in all cups and beating teams divisions higher.
Lynx play in SPL and also beating teams in higher divisions.

The teams are forward thinking and already planning for 11 aside next season when you need bigger squads.

Both teams currently train on the astro turf pitches at Jubilee High School in Addlestone aswell as play their Home games at the same venue on the excellent grass pitches.

Both teams are on target to progress higher up the Divisions so if you or know someone who maybe interested in joining a well run, friendly and progressive club/age group, then email scott@lynefc.co.uk or go here: http://www.lynefc.co.uk/contactus/ to contact us.

Looking forward to hearing from those interested.


Powercor are LyneFC's Club and Mens Team Sponsor