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Hi All,

So on an unusually glorious morning at the end of March with a good  looking 12 hours of weather in front of us and a predominantly dry evening previous, the morning must have brought reduced visibility and the met office website offline.

I can’t even start to explain how disappointed the Management team and players are about this evenings postponement of the County Cup Final.

Just a little background on what has gone on:

9.00am: It appears a pitch inspection took place and the pitch was deemed saturated and unplayable at that point in time. This was then transmitted back to The Surrey F.A head office.

9.20am: We received at text from Surrey F.A explaining the condition of the ground was unplayable and match is off.

9.25am: We got news out via social media, our website and emails to managers to make sure everyone that was potentially attending was notified in one way or another.

9.35am: Received a direct message from what we think is a Holland Sports players suggesting we were playing an April Fool…. a day early (To be honest initially I thought the same so fair play to the Holland Sports player)

9.45-10am: confirmed by Surrey FA Official social media game was off.

On behalf of Lyne F.C can I apologise to everyone who changed plans, had half day and full days off of work to attend, promoted, advertised and marketed the Cup Final.

We are completely gutted and deflated that the game has not gone ahead and even more gutted when the feedbacks we were getting about Lyne F.C attendance was in excess of 300 people. If you were to combine that with the Holland Sports attendance we would have equalled or beaten many a Surrey F.A Senior County Cups let alone a junior one!

Once again we apologise for any inconvenient and do hope you understand it was out of the Clubs control.

As soon as we have a new date I will post on the website.

Lyne F.C


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