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8thNov LVH, TopC's, Cheetahs and WildCats4


We have a very full fixture list at LVH this Sunday,  5/side, 7/side and 9/side.

Can we all please plan our arrival and departures to keep our neighbours and the Lyne Village Hall happy.

Arrive with time to park, either in the car park, on Lyne Lane or Almners Road. We can also use the car park in Pantiles/Countrywide Store but under no circumstances park on the grass verges or double park.

Our ‘Liberty Express’ sponsored boot cleaners are there to help keep the car park and lanes clear of mud, lets use them.

Should be a great day of Footy for all and the weather is picking up too!

There are still a few new club scarves available for sale in the Clubhouse, get yours quick for the ‘sea of orange’ we are creating at the Mens final, 6th May. There was plenty of inspiration from Anfield this week.

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