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Winter Training facilities provided at Lyne F.C.

At Lyne F.C. we strongly believe in focusing on individual player development. This should include a year round focus on improving the individual techniques and skills of all players.

During the winter months this becomes very difficult on grass as the average ‘grass roots’ training areas become very muddy and rutted. At Lyne F.C. we go to the expense of ensuring all teams have all-weather training facilities through the winter, from Oct – March.

Lyne F.C. also continue training sessions through the entire calender year. Many clubs take long summer breaks but we continue with weekly coaching sessions throughout the year. From March until Sept we train on grass as the surfaces are much better than during the winter.

Being able to coach and teach good techniques in UK winter conditions is a long running debate. We believe at Lyne FC that the expense of all weather winter training facilities will benefit the young players at Lyne FC.

More debate:-  http://www.clubwebsite.co.uk/news/2013/01/31/grassroots-split-on-summer-football-debate/

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