Powercor Club and Mens Team Sponsor

Please find details below of the committee members of LyneFC. Pictures will follow so you can work out who we are at training and match days.

Chairman:Nigel Edgecombe
Email: nigel@lynefc.co.uk

Club Secretary: Mark Sims
Email: mark.sims@lynefc.co.uk

Hon. Treasurer: Phil Howlett
Email: phil.howlett@lynefc.co.uk

Life President: Nigel Edgecombe
Email: nigel@lynefc.co.uk

Webmaster: Scott Lewis
Email: scott@lynefc.co.uk

Child Protection Officer: Denise May
Child Welfare (Support): Sharon Beard
Registration Secretary(s): Lisa Lewis
Email: registrationsecretary@lynefc.co.uk

Ground Secretary: John Cane with support of Mark Bailey
Email: grounds@lynefc.co.uk

Clubhouse Secretary: Julie Booker

Senior Coach: Ian Barrado
Email: coachesdevelopment@lynefc.co.uk

Kit Co-ordinator: Stuart Williams

Jamie Flint

Social Secretary: tbc

Powercor are LyneFC's Club and Mens Team Sponsor